Pedaling makes you hot

According to the Centre Daily Times, State College and Ferguson Township, PA have pledged to keep bike paths clear of snow and ice during the winter season. How cool is that (no pun intended)? And now for some highlights from the article….

The best soundbite comes from Joe Bollinger: “You’d be surprised at how hot you can get in 20 degree weather when you’re biking.” Right on, Joe. And here I was just happy to be losing weight and smacking a bit of my flabbiness into submission.

A close second goes to Mark Beard-Witherup from Chicago who rightly notes, “Noses will run even if they’re covered. Don’t try blowing your nose with one finger; it’s gross and a hazard to others.” So there’s one more reason to stay sharp when you’re riding in winter: it might not be ice you’re slipping on.

Jokes aside, the article offers some great tips and excellent suggestions for staying warm and navigating the elements. It’s funny, though, that the journalist or their editors chose to title the article “Extreme Biking.” I mean, unless you’re out thrashing in the snow for sport, is it any more “extreme” than riding through the park at 12mph in June? The best advice is offered by Rob Sadowsky: “When it stops being enjoyable, stop doing it.” That’s a good and important point to remember. But, of course, you’ve got to give it an honest try first.


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