Adrian Bike Club

OK, despite how ridiculous I feel saying so, I was positively pumped a few weeks ago when I noticed that some wandering reader had voted “yes” to joining a bike club in Adrian, were such a club to exist. So guess how thrilled I am to see that another reader has cast her or his vote in favor of said club as well.

NB: Two of the votes are my own, because I’m sure I could talk at least one other member of my family into joining. But that leaves two other votes belonging to bona fide, independent readers (assuming, of course, that the votes weren’t cast by my mom or something.)

So, perhaps it isn’t too early to begin soliciting ideas and opinions on what an Adrian Bike Club should do, offer members and the community, and look like. Of those two of you who voted I ask, what are your thoughts?

Here’s some of what I’ve been thinking:

  • I think the ideal club would be as all-purpose as possible, a fun, causal club that endeavored to attract and serve all types of riding and riders by offering a little something for everyone. The overall emphasis would be on regularly riding your bike, whether to race, tour, commute, exercise, whatever.
  • The ideal club would focus on local support by encouraging and advocating for more bicycling in and around the cities of Adrian and Tecumseh. Here are some things that come to mind: sharing ride and route recommendations; designing a city bike map; partnering with local businesses (e.g., to offer incentives for people to ride their bikes when patronizing said business); support for kids riding to school; working to raise awareness and for the implementation of bike-friendly infrastructure; promoting bikes-as-transportation; organizing all types of rides and events for all types of riders; promoting family riding; etc.
  • The ideal club also would provide regional support. Lenawee county is part of Region 6 in the League of Michigan Bicyclists. I would like to find ways for our club to support the work of the LMB to “Make Michigan a Bicycle-Friendly State.”

More than anything, though, I think a club is and should be a good way for people to interact around a common interest in whatever fashion best serves and supports both the individual and the group. Adrian has the potential to be a absolutely phenomenal bike-friendly city. A club could be highly instrumental in helping to shape that and to see it become a reality.


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