Finding treasure amidst a busy time of year

This is a busy time of year in my line of work. For that and any number of other reasons, I’m finding it difficult to spend time riding or even working on my project bike in the garage, let alone posting blog entries. (Case in point: I began writing this one yesterday.) Again, I realize I’m probably the only one even to notice (or at least the only one to care much), but I find that it matters to me on a personal level. The blog and riding my bicycle on a regular basis emerged together. The two were designed to perpetuate one another, and seemed to do so rather naturally. So, it’s frustrating (and, I’ll admit, even a bit discouraging) when one or the other slips.

Deb Cosgrove, writes a blog called, In The Bike Lane. A couple of days, she posted a plea to “[Her] Fellow Commuters” in which she made an interesting suggestion: “Perhaps this is why many of us don’t take enough action to preserve and protect our environment. We spend so much time avoiding it, we don’t enjoy or understand it.” I thought that was a rather astute observation. One thing that keeps coming back to me, and for which I’m very grateful (particularly in light of what I wrote above), is how much I sincerely enjoy being on the bike once I’m out of the house and pedaling. It really and truly feels good, even in the cold. And I’m wonderfully engaged and invigorated by all that I have opportunity to notice in a such a palpable way by virtue of being in my environment.

Shifting gears slightly, whilst in said environment yesterday, I noticed lying on the ground a small pair of pliers. I decided to leave them lay, thinking to myself that they likely belonged to the owner of the car they were lying near, and that she or he would be glad to find them later. A couple of hours later, I pedaled by the same spot and they were still lying on the ground. This time, I circled back around and grabbed them. I’m wondering now whether it was the right thing to do. My inclination the first time around seems more neighborly, considerate, generous, and even ethical. But my rationalization the second time around and since is that this is one of the quirky little perks that comes with taking such a good long look at the road as the one afforded by cycling. What do you think?


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