Profile: Drexel Bike Share (Drexel University)

Drexel’s bike share is a membership-based program. Membership and bike rentals are free. Those who want to participate are required to complete a Membership Agreement once upon joining and then sign a User Agreement prior to each rental. Bikes come with a helmet and locks.

Parking Services oversees the program. Bikes can only be checked out and returned during standard Monday through Friday business hours, and everything is handled through the Parking Office. One is left with the impression, after reading the information available on the website, that the program is not unlike anything else coordinated by this or that department of a university administration (think, Registrar, Business Office, Food Services, etc.). In other words, it lacks a certain sense of excitement that other campus bike-share programs seem to possess.

Does such a small thing as this really matter? Well, yes, I think it does. While providing helmets and locks and minimizing hassle are very positive aspects of the program, one wonders what there is to encourage people to check out bikes if they aren’t already keen on the idea. What is the impetus behind Drexel’s program? To be sure, it’s a good thing no matter why they decided to do it. But if it is (or is tied to) a cause that participants can really believe in, then all the better.


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