Bike Theft as Indicator of Neigborhood Security Level

I just read a piece on Reuters India about an Argentinian publicist named Mariano Pasik who is staging unlocked bikes in various neighborhoods around Buenos Aires and then secretly filming them to see how quickly they go missing. He’s using the experiment to gauge how different areas compare in terms of security. What is perhaps most interesting is the point he makes that the thefts he captures on video are far more often unpremeditated crimes of opportunity than anything else.

As great as it would be to live in a world were we could just lean our bikes against the nearest wall and go about our business, the old adage “Trust God but tie your camel tight” comes to mind. Think about it: a bike thief swipes your treasured possession and his get-away vehicle at the same time. Locking your bike, is of paramount importance, and there are a variety of strategies available.


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