First Ride

I couldn’t be happier or more excited. I just took my 20-month-old daughter on her inaugural ride. What a blast. I went into the experiment with no shortage of uncertainty, but she handled her maiden bicycle voyage remarkably well.

first-rideWe’ll be riding a little bit every afternoon and evening this week in an effort to make sure everyone is comfortable enough to take a bona fide excursion to a kids’ fair at a local metropark this coming Saturday. It’s only about 3 or 4 miles each direction, and I’m betting we pass the test with flying colors.

We’re still a long way from bolting on Xtracycle conversion kits and making for the grocery store with the entire family in tow, but we’ll get there. In fact, every little step like this brings with it the encouragement to do more.

I don’t think our kids going to have any trouble at all getting on board with this “new” mode of transportation.

Check out the link above for a great post raving about Xtracycle, family cycling, and riding bikes for transportation. Austin Bike Blog is full of good stuff on utility cycling and riding with kids.


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