Melodies for Pedaling

First, a big shout out to ghostrider for posting the first comment on this blog. I’m much obliged.

When I’m working at my desk, I frequently listen to This morning, they played a sweet set of songs waxing eloquent about bicycles. Here’s the playlist:

  • “Flashing Red Light” by The Gruff (A Goat On Ever Floor)
  • “Mr. Schwinn” by Darryl Purpose (Darryl Purpose)
  • “Busted Bicycle” by Leo Kottke (6 and 12 String Guitar)
  • “Bicycle” by Livingston Taylor (SNAPSHOT Live At The Iron Horse)

UPDATE (02.18.09): Bike Jax posted a little video montage not long ago that featured a stellar tune by Luka Bloom called “The Acoustic Motorbike.”

These are great songs by some terrific artists. They put me in mind of all the funky car songs played between segments on NPR‘s “Car Talk.” (Oops! It just occurred to me that it might not be such a good move to implicitly endorse four-wheeled, motorized vehicles by promoting a car show. Please pardon my faux pas.) Best of all, I think, they capture the pure fun and undiluted joy that comes with riding a bicycle.

Does anyone know of other songs that celebrate bicycling? Care to share a favorite?


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