Nirve Bikes

Speaking of 1970s-era Schwinn bicycles, check out what the folks at have to say about the Nirve bikes they spotted at Interbike 2008. These are sweet-looking bikes from a manufacturer that already produces a pretty stylish line. I enjoy seeing the revival of these classic designs. I’m certain they are having a positive impact on the number of cyclists on the road, as younger riders seek retro looks and older riders wander local bike shops pondering the rediscovery of the joy that accompanied riding in their youth. Nevertheless, to whatever extent the resurgent interest in bicycling is tied to environmental concerns, recycling an old bike through restoration seems to have a slight edge over buying new.

Meanwhile, if you’re new to, spend some time checking it out. It’s a fantastic blog for those less interested in Lycra spandex than in a fun and healthy way to save the planet and money while doing perfectly ordinary things like going to work, fetching groceries, or taking in a local street fair. The blog is updated very frequently, and it does a great job of keeping readers abreast of bikes, gear, and issues related to utility cycling. One feature I particularly like is the Commuter Profiles. These are short Q-and-A interviews with ordinary people who ride their bikes everyday, using them the same way most folks use automobiles. The profiles are inspiring not because they depict great feats of human strength and genius. On the contrary, they inspire because they portray the quality of life that goes hand in hand with that profound simplicity of form and function that is the bicycle.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words…we strive to put a human face on bike commuters by profiling “regular folks” who have chosen the bicycle as their transportation mode. And, we hope these profiles inspire others to put away the car keys and try out a bike for themselves!