Pushing Off

I’m new to blogging, and I’m new to cycling, save for all the tearing-it-up I did as a kid on the orange Huffy I learned to ride on, and later on a cool black bike with a banana seat, and later still on a Schwinn 10-speed — at least I think that’s what it was — on which I was doing local distance rides and trying to work my way up to participating in an organized century event … until I got hit by a car. (More on that some other time perhaps. For now, let’s just say thanks be to God that I wasn’t hurt as badly as I might have been.)

I digress, something you’ll find I have a tremendous tendency to do. Anyway, back to the blogging and cycling, I have very modest aspirations for both (though I’ll admit to secret dreams of a much grander scale). My intent in both is to be part of larger communities, particularly where those two communities intersect, and to humbly contribute to both in whatever way I’m able. I’ve been reading a lot of bike blogs over the last four or five months, and I’ve come to really enjoy them. I’ve also found them to be extremely useful when it comes to learning more about the wide world of cycling, and I’ve drawn from them a great deal of inspiration.

My hope is that this blog will be most of all a hub for my local cycling community, and that it will serve that community in a variety of ways. If it turns out that I’m doing more harm than good (or accomplishing nothing at all but for cluttering up the Internet with my drivel), I promise to shut it down. I’m sure the readers (or lack thereof) will let me know.


One response to “Pushing Off

  1. Rest assured Scott, I for one have found further excitement in cycling through the words of you and others here on your blog, so PLEASE, don’t consider shutting it down as I’m here usually twice a day!

    Now, I feel that some two and a half years is long enough to leave us hanging, so let’s hear of your car/bike experience, OK?
    Here’s mine; my first “quality” bike resulted from a collision with a car. I was riding home from school at a good clip messing with my front derailleur when I should have been paying more attention to where I was going in relation to the parked cars. I ended up on the trunk of one bending my top and down tubes so badly that the bottom of my front wheel nearly touched my bottom bracket. My feet never left the clips and straps and I remember being temporarily stuck in the tangle of bent bike. That was the end of that old road bike.
    This led to a $200.00 used Panasonic touring deluxe before I knew what Dura-Ace was…